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It’s Time to Re-Think Nukes | Marc Gunther on ClimateBiz

April 28, 2009 4:58 am

If climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind, what are the odds of the big environmental groups rethinking their longstanding opposition to nuclear power?

via It’s Time to Re-Think Nukes | Marc Gunther on ClimateBiz.

I have no idea why we aren’t mostly on nuclear power yet.  It is the cleanest form of energy that can be mass produced, and is safe.  Everyone fears about another Chernobyl, but that will not happen.  That happened in an old Soviet power plant, that was falling apart.  Modern plants are heavily regulated and inspected.  There is no excuse for still burning oil and coal for electric power.

As a side note, even if you drive an electric car, if your power comes from coal or gas, you are not producing zero emissions, you are just shifting it up one level.  Have fun being smug, you are still hurting the environment!

America, lets get with the program and start switching.  You wont have babies with 14 heads if you live near a plant, and you certainly won’t glow in the dark…  It is fears like this that keep us behind the rest of the world in helping the fight on climate change.  (If we are serious, then lets switch to Nuclear power, and electric only cars.  It can be done!)

Kotaku – The Konami Code Makes Magical! – Espn

4:47 am

Sports fans with a taste for glittery unicorns should run, not walk, to and remember their Konami Code, because it appears that some soon to be possibly unemployed web designer is having a laugh.

As a couple of unicorn-loving tipsters with a thirst for sporting news have informed us, inputting the infamous Konami cheat code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter) will infest the official ESPN web site with mystical ponies. And they’ll keep spawning if you keep clicking.

via Kotaku – The Konami Code Makes Magical! – Espn.

This was awesome!  Although, I could see why ESPN wouldn’t think so…

Trondheim Norway Day 1

April 26, 2009 9:18 pm

I met John at the Trondheim train station.  He had been skiing in the morning and was a few minutes late due to traffic.  He drives an American car, and rides a Harley.  I guess going to school in the USA had a bit of an effect on him.  None of those sport bikes and fuel efficient eurocars!  We drove around Trondheim for a bit and went to a coffee shop.  This is where he told me how expensive Norway was.  He wasn’t lying!  It is ridiculous how expensive everything is!  We grabbed a coffee and caught up on the last 4 or 5 years and talked about what there is to do in Trondheim.

Afterwards, we headed to his place and he showed me where his mother works.  On the way back, we stopped at a supermarket since I needed money, and we obviously needed beer.  He recommended a local beer that apparently is only liked by a select few.  (I happen to be one of them)  He also picked up some Snoos and I paid with my credit card.  We got back and had a few beers and I saw Torkil again.  I hadn’t seen Torkil since he came to visit John for a week my senior year in high school, but he looks the same and was easy to recognize!  :)

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Josh Goes To Hell!

8:56 pm

So my train passed through Hell (Hell, Norway), and it was frozen over:

Hell Train Station

Hell Train Station

One thing that upset me after the fact, was that I forgot to get a few coworkers 1 way tickets to hell.  I think John would have appreciated that :)

Otherwise, the train was really nice.  It was a beautiful sight passing through the snow covered mountains and farmland.  The Fjords are absolutely beautiful, I really want to see them in the summer!

My thoughts after Stockholm

8:52 pm

I wish I spent more time in Stockholm and went up North a bit.
What is Bandee?
I spoke with John, and hope he can meet me at the train station, he might not be able to since he has class at the Academy.  I don’t speak any Norwegian, and this could be interesting.  I hope they speak english
I wish I had an iPod touch.  Just being able to take advantage of the free WiFi would be worth the price
I’m trying not to seem too American, and have been told I don’t seem like one, whatever that means…
The top Swedish hockey league is finished.  I wish I could have gone to a game here, but even the 2nd tier league isn’t playing in Stockholm.  That stinks…
Swedes recycle paper cups at McDonalds.  There is a seperate bin to dumb the used ice in too.  Why don’t we do that here?
I met a really nice lady in the Stockholm Train Station who translated my ticket.  I was close on my translation, but she was a big help.  She told me about how her daughter did a similar trip after she was an Au Pair in New Zealand.  I think that’s a pretty awesome job.
Hostel having bad internet connections is not a bad thing after all, it does force me to go outside more!  And who really wants to check in on work anyway!

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