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Caml Trading talk at CMU |

August 31, 2009 10:52 pm

Caml Trading talk at CMU |

Whether or not you are interested in functional programming, this is a great talk about trading systems and market making.  It also touches on ways to hire and retain great programmers.  Also, his father was my professor at Rutgers…

Where Have You Gone, Bell Labs? Why the USA needs more engineers.

10:26 pm

The U.S. scientific innovation infrastructure has historically consisted of a loose public-private partnership that included legendary institutions such as Bell Labs, RCA Labs, Xerox PARC XRX, the research operations of IBM IBM, DARPA, NASA, and others. In each of these organizations, programs with clear commercial potential were supported alongside efforts at “pure” research, with the two streams often feeding one another. With abundant corporate and venture-capital funding for eventual commercialization, these research labs have made enormous contributions to science, technology, and the economy, including the creation of millions of high-paying jobs. Consider a few of the crown jewels from Bell Labs alone:

• The first public demonstration of fax transmission (1925)

• First long-distance TV transmission (1927)

• Invention of the transistor (1947)

• Invention of photovoltaic cell (1954)

• Creation of the UNIX operating system (1969)

• Technology for cellular telephony (1978)

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