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CouchDB is Comfortable

September 30, 2009 10:31 pm

Ok, so there are a ton of write-ups about CouchDB.  This is my take on it, and this will probably follow my rambling blog post style..

What I Like (in no particular order):

  • Made of the web
  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Fun
  • Widely supported
  • Versioning
  • No Schema

What I Don’t Like:

  • Lack of enterprise usage (at least reported usage)

So CouchDB is made of the web.  Not made for the web, but made of it.  The only interface (thats actually used at least, there is support for erlang messaging not using REST) is a REST interface returning JSON formatted data.  CouchDB stores all data in a JSON format, and is completely schemaless.  Everything is stored as a unique document.  Documents can have many versions, which is great for replication, even with multiple master updates, the newest revision wins (and there is support for using logic to merge in a case of multiple “new” versions).

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Google Wave Overview — Josh didn’t get an invite..

8:26 pm

Yeah it looks really sweet.  I didn’t get an invite yet, c’mon Google..  Although this was one of the most awkward demos I think I’ve ever seen..

Microsoft Unveils Its Container-Powered Cloud — Josh Takes It A Step Further

8:13 pm

As the bay door opens at Microsoft’s enormous new Chicago data center, the future backs in on a trailer. Forty-foot long containers packed with servers are unloaded with winches, and stacked two-high onto “air skates” that float on compressed air. Using the air skates, as few as four employees can move the 60-ton stack into place in Microsoft’s “container canyon” in the lower floor of the facility in Northlake, Ill.

Within eight hours, the new container is fully installed, hooked up to chilled water, power and a network connection. “These hold 2,000 servers each, and they can be deployed in hours,” said Kevin Timmons, Microsoft’s general manager for data center operations. “That’s an awesome, awesome thing.”

via Microsoft Unveils Its Container-Powered Cloud « Data Center Knowledge.

The normal Microsoft hater in me isn’t coming out in this post.  This is awesome.  I remember reading about Sun trying to do data center in a box setups before, mostly for emergency sites and disaster relief (For logistics and stuff, not so they could browse the web…)  Microsoft has been talking about doing this for a while, and while I know Chicago is a major hub peering point, I wonder why they didn’t chose to go further north to take advantage of colder weather.  I’ve been in Chicago when its been pretty hot…

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FireGPG – Encrypt and Digitally Sign Your Gmail

7:39 pm

What is FireGPG?

FireGPG is a Firefox extension under MPL that provides an integrated interface to apply GnuPG operations to the text of any web page, including encryption, decryption, signing, and signature verification.


Support for Gmail

FireGPG adds some features to the Gmail1 interface to let you use GPG’s features directly in your webmail. More webmail applications will probably be supported in the future.

FireGPG is OpenPGP/mime compliant !

Check webmails supported by FireGPG

via FireGPG – Welcome to the official website of FireGPG!.

This is a pretty interesting addon.  It works with Gmail really well, it slows it a bit, but it does add encryption and digital signatures.

Here’s my public key, if you can’t figure out how to get it from one of the main key repositories (

Version: SKS 1.1.0


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Amazon Dynamo

September 10, 2009 9:50 pm

amazon-dynamo-sosp2007.pdf (application/pdf Object).

The power behind amazon (well kinda…)

DHTs are great, certainly the future of peer to peer networking, and this paper definitely has some p2p filesharing possibilities.

Not going to do a full writeup now, will do that later!  I have some ideas..

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