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Ext JS & Selenium IDE

May 14, 2010 9:10 pm

This user extension makes ExtJS testable.  The only problem is you still have to set the ID of each component you use.  Otherwise minor code changes cause false positives in test cases and they’ll fail even though the test should have passed.  As long as you’re okay with setting all of you IDs, you’ll be alright!

We’re working on automating this in our sweet JavaScript framework based on ExtJS.  I hope we’ll eventually get to continuous integration based on Selenium scripts.

ExtJS is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications.
Selenium IDE has trouble testing apps written in ExtJS.

There are two reasons:

  • First, the DOM of ExtJS widget is complex, many elements have a dynamic id
  • Second, ExtJS is based on JavaScript context

via record and assert Ext JS – Selenium IDE – OpenQA Wiki

Help Spread IE6 Update

January 14, 2010 9:30 pm

Help kill Internet Explorer 6
IE6 is like an illness that just won’t go away, but we have the medicine.

IE6 Update looks like IE’s Information Bar, but instead of offering your visitors an ActiveX plugin, it offers a browser update.

via IE6 Update.

In my current position I do a lot of UI and frontend work.  Probably the toughest thing I do is try to support IE6.  We’re a large corporation and the software is used by other large corporations, meaning IE6 is a must.  It’s our default browser on all machines (Not that I ever use it though..), and is required for a lot of legacy systems.

Here are the top reasons I HATE IE6

  1. The box model is incorrect (requiring CSS hacks *,_, …you know the drill) This is my biggest complaint, I waste so much time trying to get things to work correctly in IE6, its so frustrating…
  2. There are no debugging tools (The web accessibility toolbar is crap for debugging and I can only do so much with Firebug Lite)
  3. It is ridiculously slow!
  4. Transparent PNG problem (well some work, but they have to be saved a certain way)

What is Atlas? – Atlas is a Development Environment and Visual Layout Editor for Cappuccino

November 15, 2009 12:43 pm

A browser based IDE for Cappuccino.  Does anyone use Cappuccino?  It looks like a great way for hacking out quick web apps..  Maybe this will take over some of my weekend free time.

This is Atlas.

Atlas is a development tool for building Cappuccino applications.

In addition to managing your project files and editing code, it includes a powerful visual layout tool for designing your interfaces without ever having to touch code.

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