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New things

May 10, 2013 12:05 am

I upgraded the server this site uses today, and figured I should probably actually post on it…  So whats changed recently?  Well… I bought a boat!  I now own Frogger USA702, a TipTop MiniTransat designed by Sam Manuard.  (Site coming soon)

Hopefully Frogger will be racing a bit this summer, and doing the full Long Island Sound short-handed circuit next year.

My thoughts on/experience with brain teaser interviews

November 15, 2009 11:28 am

I was reading this article, and it reminded me of a terrible interview I had looking for a job after graduating…

Some years ago, someone at Microsoft noticed that they were having a bit of a Resources problem. A Human Resources problem to be specific. There were a whole lot of job openings (thousands, in fact) and a whole lot of applications (hundreds of thousands, in fact), and no easy way to match the right applicants with the right jobs. So they decided to reinvent the Job Interview.

Traditionally, job interviews are used to ascertain two things: how competent the candidate is and how well his personality (or lack thereof) will fit in with the organization. With their introduction of Job Interview 2.0, Microsoft included both of those features and added one additional: how the candidate responds when presented with asinine, utterly pointless, and completely ridiculous brainteaser questions.

Of course, common sense tells us that a candidate who enjoys solving silly riddles would most likely enjoy solving a silly riddle at a job interview. The same can be said about pepperoni pizza: chances are, if a candidate enjoys eating pepperoni pizza, he will also enjoy eating pepperoni pizza at a job interview. Both are facts which, while completely enthralling (no way, you like pepperoni pizza, too?!), are equally as irrelevant when determining whether someone would make a good programmer.

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How Mr. Q Manufactured Emotion | Dustin Curtis

November 4, 2009 11:08 pm

A pretty neat story about how Disney does their audio in the parks.  This guy had a pretty cool job, I somehow only sit next to smelly drunks and screaming kids on planes.  Guess I’m just unlucky.  Except on the Just Collect flights, then I got stuck in Vegas (which was AWESOME!) and met a cute girl from ASU who liked to party at Rutgers (also AWESOME!)..

When Disney World opened in 1971, it was the first theme park to have continuously playing ambient music on pathways between attractions. The music was there simply to be enjoyable, but it had an unintended side effect: previously ignored parts of the park, like pathways and ride queues, suddenly gained supporting roles in defining the park’s experience. The escape from reality into the fantasy of the rides no longer stopped when the rides ended. Ambient music made the park truly become an experience in itself.

via How Mr. Q Manufactured Emotion | Dustin Curtis.

What I think I’ve learned in high school, college, and on the job

October 1, 2009 8:18 pm

OK, so I’m cleaning my mess of a room and I come across a few notebooks of stuff from college. I start looking through them and realize what I got out of college. Here is a very non all inclusive list of what I’ve learned, and where I learned it.

What I learned in high school

  • How to get by without working too hard

  • How to interact and communicate with pretty much anyone

  • That I want to be an entrepreneur

  • PHP and VB – Certainly not in school. But I did learn that I wanted to create things. When I was a kid I played with Legos, actually when I was a freshman in high school, I did a history project in Legos too. But I knew that I wanted to build things, and both of my parents are systems programmers, and they pushed me to use computers and I found out that I’m pretty good at programming.

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Hello world!

February 4, 2009 6:40 am

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog!  I will try to update this one more than the previous version, and have imported the patheticly low number of posts from it.  I created this to keep track of and geocode my  photos from my upcoming eurotrip and roadtrip across the United States.  I also will be adding course material from some courses I have taken in college, hoping that may someday it may help someone fix a bug or understand a program a little better.

Well that is all!


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