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New things

May 10, 2013 12:05 am

I upgraded the server this site uses today, and figured I should probably actually post on it…  So whats changed recently?  Well… I bought a boat!  I now own Frogger USA702, a TipTop MiniTransat designed by Sam Manuard.  (Site coming soon)

Hopefully Frogger will be racing a bit this summer, and doing the full Long Island Sound short-handed circuit next year.

Dirtiest goal of the year

January 18, 2010 3:35 pm

This is probably the best goal I’ve seen since the Denis Savard goal…  (You know the one)

Everyone was dangling, the d-men got cut up…  Which explains the Yahoo Sports title: ‘Defense is hard to come by in the ECHL

Worst Hockey Fight Ever…

November 22, 2009 9:40 am

Video Of Real Bears Playing Hockey

9:37 am

See the fight at 2 minutes :)   This video has to be from Russia…

Some of the more interesting comments:

“which sick basterd came up with the idea for this.

it’s fucking sad.”

“This is amazing, it would be awesome if they could play as a team. I’m glad that these bears got the opportunity to make-it in the real world. I hope they can feed their bear-family with the pay they get as hockey players.”

“It’d be sick if they stormed the crowd and started tearing off heads”

and of course…

” This team beats the thrashers”

There’s Something About Hockey

October 3, 2009 12:31 am

Baseball spreads half its players across a pasture, hides the rest in dugouts, and then, proudly aware that it is the only sport without a time clock, proceeds apace as though its fans do not have one either. Football, played on one hundred twenty yards of distant field in increasingly canyon-esque stadia, packs twelve minutes of balletic violence into sixty minutes of game time and two hundred minutes of real time. Basketball provides near constant action and often intimate attention, but when scoring occurs every twenty seconds, only the last hundred or so seem to matter, and they often unfold over such an excruciation of stops and starts and fouls and timeouts and team meetings that even the most dramatic finishes unfold like athletic arrhythmia. Soccer drops one lost ball amidst twenty joggers, offers almost as many riots in the stands as goals on the field, and is beloved only by a loose affiliation of drunkards, Europhiles, and overprogrammed eight-year-olds who have yet to convince me I’m missing anything of interest.

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