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Personal Finance According to the Simpsons | Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice

May 7, 2009 6:39 pm

During his twenty years on television, Homer Simpson has pursued some interesting business endeavors. But most famously he has made a name for himself as a hapless, but big-hearted, man who always seems to stumble through life by a combination of good luck and compassion from others. And there is another humanistic quality that he always seems to illustrate: a child-like naivety that expresses his good-nature and his undying love for his family. Unfortunately for many, these qualities are not enough to get by in the world – especially during these tumultuous economic times (Note: we are also not cartoons). If we look at The Simpsons, and its main character, we can find some economic guidance – if only by accident. In most cases, practical lessons can be derived from Homer, in the form of ‘what not to do’:

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The Associated Press: Obama outlines vision for high-speed rail network

April 16, 2009 2:06 pm

President Barack Obama on Thursday outlined plans for a high-speed rail network he said would change the way Americans travel, drawing comparisons to the 1950s creation of the interstate highway system.

Obama characterized his plan as a down payment on a rail system that will take decades and hundreds of billions of dollars to build, connecting Chicago and St. Louis, Orlando and Miami, Portland and Seattle and dozens of other metropolitan areas around the country.

via The Associated Press: Obama outlines vision for high-speed rail network.

While this is a good idea, it will be very tough to implement.  What makes the rail system work in europe is that everything is relatively close.  The United States is much larger, and unfortunetly when you work a hub system, it increases the number of layovers from point A to B.  In europe the ICE trains run very well connecting a lot of major cities, I dont think this is as feesable in the United States due to the size and distance between points.


March 7, 2009 3:49 pm

Hello world,

I am still alive and well.  I am in Helsinki, Finland.  Today I met up wtih Ulla and Arttu and we went out to lunch.  Later we went to the Eero Sarineen house, where he had a studio and was raised.  It was beautiful.  Afterwards we went by the Polytechnic University where their oldest daughter studies.  I saw the student center which has thousands of different sized windows and no two are the same.  It was a nice building, and was very studentcenterish.  I guess its not all that different from back at Rutgers.

I went to a hockey game here in Helsinki tonight.  So far I am 2 for 2 with hockey towns.  I really want to try to catch a game everywhere I go.  Although it is a bit expensive. I have gotten some of the required gifts for friends back home, so if I like you, you’ll be getting something… Otherwise, well uhh….. Nevermind!  The Helsinki team IFK lost 3-1 to the Tampere team.  I forget their name, but they’re the team that isn’t the Ilves.  I took some pictures, and a little video.  It was a great game!

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Don’t call with your travel complaints – Tips-

February 22, 2009 10:13 am

United Airlines is putting the kibosh on calling in with complaints.

Last week the airline confirmed that, come April, it will disconnect the phone line to a foreign call center contracted to field customer compliments and complaints. Customers with issues to discuss will still be able to call the airline’s general 800-number but, as anyone who’s tried navigating United’s (or any airline’s) automated phone tree knows, the focus there is on selling tickets and tweaking reservations.

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I sure am glad I’m not flying United….

18 Students Are Suspended as Protest at N.Y.U. Ends –

9:35 am

A protest by New York University students seeking negotiations with school officials over financial and academic issues ended Friday after almost 40 hours, with students leaving a dining room that had been barricaded and a school spokesman announcing the suspensions of 18 of the participants pending a disciplinary review.

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Well I suppose now everyone will whine about how they were unfairly punished.  I always thought part of a protests effect was showing that it was worth enduring the punishment to get something changed.  We’ll see how this turns out…

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